Having Trouble Getting Customers? Try this…

If you are out there having difficulty gathering customers for your Lightyear business I have a suggestion for you…

Stop trying to sell people cell phone service! They already have it and it’s VERY hard to sell someone something they already have.

Instead, try showing people a way they can get their service for FREE and how they can get PAID to teach others how to do that too!

Here is how your conversations should look with the people you know…

When talking about the business opportunity…

“Joe, hey I just came across something that’s going to allow me to make additional income and it makes a lot of sense.  Does the idea of earning free cell phone service and getting paid to help others do that too interest you?  If so, take a look at this website: http://www.lywintro.com.”

When talking to someone about the service…

“Hey uncle Bob, give me a call or shoot me an email when your cell phone contract is up.  I have a way for you to earn FREE wireless service for the rest of your life!”

You should NOT be going out trying to sell people wireless service.  That will lead to nothing but frustration and disappointment.  Instead, focus on talking to people every day and finding out if they are someone you want to be in business with.  If they are, get them to the lywintro.com website and follow up.  If they aren’t someone you’d want to work with, find out when their contract is up and tell them you have a way to get them FREE wireless service and that you’ll contact them when their contract is up.

It’s that simple.

Hope that helps!


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