Why the “Internet Gurus” Have to Keep Changing Companies

It’s always hilarious to me to see these self proclaimed “internet gurus” having to jump from company to company.  They bash MLM as if the traditional methods of MLM don’t work simply because they didn’t have the desire to put the effort and work in to build an MLM organization.  But then their reality sets in.  After they hype of their latest deal soon the market they’re advertising to starts to dry up.  They see the checks starting to slip so they are off to the next deal.  Every time it’s the same pitch:  “We have the secret to building a huge downline in MLM.”

Does anyone ever stop to ask these people a simple question of “Hey, if your methods are so good, why aren’t you sticking and staying in one opportunity and building a “huge” downline?”

Seems like a pretty simple question to me!

God help those Network Marketers that listen to the gurus.  My advice is to listen to the people that are building in your company and making the money that you want to make!



One Response

  1. I absolutely agree with you on this Mr Sturtevant. I’m sticking & staying and doing what it takes to succeed. Be on the lookout for a new PD coming soon…..lol. Thanks for your great leadership.

    Brian Hill

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