How to Keep Your Momentum in MLM

People ask me all the time, Ben, how do you keep the momentum in your business when you’re just starting out? This is a great question and I can completely understand where it comes from. In the beginning stages of your business you are the only person working your business. You don’t have leverage yet (you don’t have people working independently of you). Sometimes even with a team of 15 or 20 reps you might not have any leverage yet. However, the key to sustaining personal momentum is to consistently be adding new prospects to your funnel.

Your goal should be to make contact with at least 5 new people per day. Whether it’s people you know or don’t know doesn’t matter. The focus needs to be exposing your business to 5 new people per day. 5 people per day, 5 days a week = 25 exposure per week. 25 exposures per week = 100 exposures per month. At a 5% success ratio you’d be personally sponsoring 5 reps per month!

Now, many people might say, “But Ben, I can’t sponsor more than 1 rep per month, how can I possibly do 5?” The answer is simple: increase your exposures. More exposures = more personally sponsored reps. If you want to keep momentum going consistently though you must keep this process up, consistently! Talking to 10 reps one week and then 0 the next week won’t cut it.

You want to be making contact with 5 new people per day, getting them to the presentations and following up!
Looking for a good closing technique? Get them to the LIVE webinars! They work! I have an 80% close ratio with my leads when I get them through this process:

1. Initial contact by phone
2. Direct them to a sizzle site (You can send them to whatever site your upline is teaching you) and book them into the next LIVE webinar.
3. Follow-up directly after they’ve looked at the information.
4. If they want to join I plug them in, if they have questions I get them answered, and if they don’t want to join I find out if they would like to try your product and perhaps become a customer down the road.

That’s it! Try it and you’ll see just how simple it is. Don’t worry about saying the right things, just focusing on getting people exposed to your company presentations will do the trick!


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