Why the “Internet Gurus” Have to Keep Changing Companies

It’s always hilarious to me to see these self proclaimed “internet gurus” having to jump from company to company.  They bash MLM as if the traditional methods of MLM don’t work simply because they didn’t have the desire to put the effort and work in to build an MLM organization.  But then their reality sets in.  After they hype of their latest deal soon the market they’re advertising to starts to dry up.  They see the checks starting to slip so they are off to the next deal.  Every time it’s the same pitch:  “We have the secret to building a huge downline in MLM.”

Does anyone ever stop to ask these people a simple question of “Hey, if your methods are so good, why aren’t you sticking and staying in one opportunity and building a “huge” downline?”

Seems like a pretty simple question to me!

God help those Network Marketers that listen to the gurus.  My advice is to listen to the people that are building in your company and making the money that you want to make!



Do 97% of Network Marketers Really Fail?

There’s no doubt you’ve heard it around the web, “97% of Network Marketers fail … and that’s why you need to buy our training.”  It’s an advertising line that true Network Marketers and leaders in this industry can’t stand to hear.  Why?  Because these true leaders understand that these people are twisting the numbers in Network Marketing to create doubt in the masses of Networkers out there.

You see folks, the reality is that 97% don’t fail.  It’s that 97% don’t work hard or consistently enough to create a substantial income (high six figures).  The fact is that there are a tremendous amount of people in Network Marketing that set goals and reach them.  To me that means they have been a huge success.

There will be some that set small goals, such as earning $500 in their first month.  If someone does that have they failed?  Of course not.  They’ve achieved their goal.  Others may set a goal to make an extra $1,000 a month.  They go out and work hard enough each month (around their regular life) to earn that $1,000.  Would you call them a failure?  Of course you wouldn’t!

97% of the people in Network Marketing are doing it part-time.  So why on earth would we expect 97% to make a six figure income?  The problem comes with the false expectations people have.  People join the Network Marketing industry expecting to get rich with little or no effort.  That is only setting people up for frustration.  That person joins a Network Marketing company and when they don’t hit $10,000 their first month with only a few hours worked they think the industry isn’t for them.

In my opinion Network Marketing is the last hope for the people of our country to achieve their dreams.  If people can just step back and remind themselves that everything worthwhile takes effort to achieve and that you get out of something that you put into it, I think people would be a lot more satisfied with their time in this industry.

Why Lightyear…

In case you missed our team training call I recorded it:  http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/WCSQS4Wx

In this training I explain why I chose Lightyear over other opportunities.

Great things happening at Lightyear!


Take a look at the first of many steps Lightyear Network Solutions will take in their aggressive expansion efforts:


Lightyear Publicly Traded!

An amazing step was taken February 22, 2010.  Lightyear Network Solutions took their company public through a reverse merger.  This of course carries our Lightyear Wireless business opportunity/MLM division into one of the most elite sectors of the MLM industry – publicly traded MLM’s!  Some of the most respected Network Marketing companies in the world are publicly traded:  Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, Herbalife, USANA, Mannatech, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Pre-Paid Legal, and many others.  There has long been a myth in MLM that when an MLM goes public that it now cares more about shareholders than the representatives.  This makes absolutely no sense when you step back and look at it.

Think about this for a moment.  The MLM company’s goal is to be profitable, increase growth and revenue and therefore its stock will be attractive, right?  And isn’t an MLM company’s source of growth coming from the representatives?  Why on earth would that publicly traded MLM company not want to empower its rep base to do more, achieve more, and succeed more?

In my opinion a company’s actions speak louder than words.  Ever since I became involved with Lightyear the owners have ALWAYS done what they said they would do.  They never over promised and under delivered.  They always seek guidance from the President’s Council (a group of the Presidential Directors in Lightyear).  And they never base any decision without consulting the reps first.  That isn’t hearsay, that’s a fact as I have been a part of it personally!

With Lightyear now a public company the reps have an incredible value added to their recruiting arsenal.  On the one hand we have a great new source of flowing revenue into the company which will help bring more additions to our services, compensation, and recruiting tools.  On the other hand it gives us the ability to show people how legitimate we are and how we have separated ourselves from all the “stuff” going around the MLM industry these days.

Let’s face it, since Lightyear Wireless launched into the wireless industry in July of 2008 there have been A LOT of pretenders that have come along and attempted to catch onto the fire that we’ve created.  The result has been a lot of good people being sucked into terrible MLM opportunities.  That may lead some people to hold back on getting started with yet another MLM company because they are afraid the same thing will happen again and again.  Well now you can go out and recruit with 100% confidence knowing that the company you are representing is rock solid and your prospects don’t have to just take our word for it!

Federally licensed telecom company!

Publicly Traded!

The most competitive wireless plan in the MLM industry!

All backed by a $1,000 bonus guarantee!

Folks, it doesn’t get better than that!

See you at the top!

-Ben Sturtevant

Merry Christmas!


I just want to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas!  Be safe and have a wonderful holiday!

-Ben Sturtevant

Slack off or pedal to the metal?

The holidays are typically a time where the average Network Marketer tends to ease off on the effort they put into their MLM business.  This is the exact opposite of what top producers do!  They see this time of year as an incredible opportunity to gain an advantage over everyone else.  As others cut back on their marketing efforts in this time of your, top producer start advertising more!  My advice to you?  Separate yourself from the average person and produce more effort than you ever have over the next 2 months and what you’ll find is some incredible momentum come February, March, and April!

-Ben Sturtevant