Having Trouble Getting Customers? Try this…

If you are out there having difficulty gathering customers for your Lightyear business I have a suggestion for you…

Stop trying to sell people cell phone service! They already have it and it’s VERY hard to sell someone something they already have.

Instead, try showing people a way they can get their service for FREE and how they can get PAID to teach others how to do that too!

Here is how your conversations should look with the people you know…

When talking about the business opportunity…

“Joe, hey I just came across something that’s going to allow me to make additional income and it makes a lot of sense.  Does the idea of earning free cell phone service and getting paid to help others do that too interest you?  If so, take a look at this website: http://www.lywintro.com.”

When talking to someone about the service…

“Hey uncle Bob, give me a call or shoot me an email when your cell phone contract is up.  I have a way for you to earn FREE wireless service for the rest of your life!”

You should NOT be going out trying to sell people wireless service.  That will lead to nothing but frustration and disappointment.  Instead, focus on talking to people every day and finding out if they are someone you want to be in business with.  If they are, get them to the lywintro.com website and follow up.  If they aren’t someone you’d want to work with, find out when their contract is up and tell them you have a way to get them FREE wireless service and that you’ll contact them when their contract is up.

It’s that simple.

Hope that helps!


Fast Start Launch Packet – Do you use it?


Getting your new reps to take immediate action is crucial.  That is why we created the Fast Start Launch Packet.  Make sure people are using it to launch their business.  It gives them a step by step guide to help them get their business started right.

Your key responsibility is to create urgency for them and to get them taking that action!

To your success,

Ben Sturtevant

Use our “Team” to your advantage!

When you speak to a prospect and they’ve seen the presentation, are you selling them on our team?  If not, you could be losing sign ups.

See folks, when people look at Lightyear the opportunity really speaks for itself (it is the biggest no-brainer in the MLM industry) so people don’t need to be sold on why you love Lightyear so much.  The key ingredient that they are looking for is support.  Will they have the support and leadership they need.  People want to know they’re joining the right team.  Well, you need to let them know they are.  The Vision Team is the #1 team in the entire company.  Sell that to your contacts.  Let them see the http://www.visionteaminc.com training site.  Let them see the power of the support they’ll receive.  Edify your upline leadership so that your contact knows they’ll have support from someone other than just you.  Doing this will help you increase your sign ups!

To your success,

Ben Sturtevant

Are you using your Daily and Monthly Activity Trackers?

Your Daily and Monthly Activity Trackers are designed to help hold yourself accountable.  One of the biggest killers of success in MLM is spending too much time in the WRONG activities (note to yourself:  checking your email and surfing the web does NOT count as time building your business).  Use the daily and monthly trackers to identify where you’re truly “at” in terms of income producing activity in your business.

How to use them:

1.  Print out 90 of the daily tackers and 3 of the monthly trackers (to follow a 90 day Massive Action Plan).

2.  Set daily goals for how many points you wish to achieve in each category.  As you make your dials, contacts, set appointments, etc, tally your daily points for each category.

3.  Add your total points for the day and shade those points in on the corresponding day on the monthly tracker (for example:  if it’s the 12th of the month and you have 45 points for today then you’d shade in up to 45 points on the monthly tracker).

4.  Follow this system for 31 days of the month and then repeat the next month.

To find your “average” daily point value” add up your TOTAL points for the entire month divided by the number of days in the month.  For instance, if your total point value was 500 points for the month then divide 500 by 30.  That would give you an average point value of “16” for the month.

Next, look on the Monthly tacker to see what income zone that average point value corresponds with.  That will give you an indication of whether or not you’re on the track to success in your business.

To your success,

Ben Sturtevant