Some tips on sharing Lightyear with people…

During this holiday season you’re going to be pumping into a lot more people than you normally do. Instead of shying away from that emrbrace it and use it as an opportunity to share this incredible business with them (remember, we have the solution to their financial situation). Here are some ways that might help you pique the interest of the people you’re talking to:

1. “Hey________, you know how most people are looking for ways to save money and create additional income in this tough economy? Well, I’ve found a way we can help people earn free cell phone service and get paid to help others do that too. Would you be interested in taking a look at it?”

2. “Hey________, how’s it going? Great! Listen, do you remember when we were talking the other day about how you were worried about the security of your job in this tough economy? Well, I’ve found something that might be able to help you. I don’t know if it’s for you but I think you should take a look at it.”

3. “Hey________, do you remember the other day when you told me this was going to be a tough Christmas for you and your family because of the economy? Well, what if there was something that could help with that? Would you like to see it?”

4. “Hey________, I have a question for you. If there was a way to earn free cell phone service and be able to get paid some additional income to help others learn about it would that interest you?”

5. To a business owner: “So Joe Business Owner, how long have you owned this store? Wonderful and how are things going for you? (Regardless of what he says – good or bad): Well do you keep your options open to creating any additional passive income outside of what you do here at the store?”

6. To a business owner: “So Joe Business Owner, how long have you owned this store? Wonderful and how are things going for you? (Regardless of what he says – good or bad): Well, I’m working with a new wireless company that’s expanding into this area and we’re looking for some entreprenuers to partner with. If the income were significant enough and it could fit into your existing schedule would you be open to taking a look at it?”

7. To a business owner: “So Joe Business Owner, how long have you owned this store? Wonderful and how are things going for you? (Regardless of what he says – good or bad): Let me ask you a question. If there was a way that you could also offer your customers wireless service and get paid on their monthly cell phone bills and you could do this with no monthly overhead would you like to hear a little more about that?”

I could go on and on. Don’t worry about getting the perfect script of following this word for word. Just see that in each situation we are NOT trying to sell someone wireless service! Notice how I’m not asking them how much they’re paying for cell phone service. Notice that I’m looking for people that would like to create additional income – that’s who we are looking for – business partners that will help you expand your business.

Some food for thought:

If you sell 100 people cell phone service then most likely your business dies with them. Yes, customers do have the ability to refer 5 to get free service but stats show that less than 10% will actually do that.

So, instead, let’s say over the next year you sponsor 100 representatives who become their own customer. And let’s say over the next 3 years you help those 100 each do the same. That would lead to 10,000 reps who are ALSO customers in your team!

Focus on creating the expansion team, not selling the service – it will grow your customer base faster than you can imagine! Why? Because you can only do so much by yourself.


Are you budgeting for your business?

I wanted to send out a little training tip today. I see a big mistake being made by too many people in the MLM profession and that is spending the money they make from their business on their bills and lifestyle – rather than re-investing that money back into growing their business.

Yes, you’re going to reach a level of success in Lightyear at some point where you’ll have LOT’S of excess money to spend on those things. But when you are just starting out and you haven’t reached that level of success yet it’s vital that you’re focusing on growing your business and that is going to require time and a financial investment.

Take personal and professional development. I recommend people read at least 30 minutes of quality personal/professional growth material each day. That means investing in books/CD’s. Not a huge expense but something that should be budgeted into your business expenses (figure $15 to $20 per month).

I think attending national events hosted by Lightyear are VITAL to your success in your business. For most people that means that you have to travel to attend them. We hold roughly 4 major events that every Lightyear representative should attend, no questions asked. That means $300 for airfare, maybe $200+/- for the hotel and possibly $50 for the event – 4 times per year. Yes, that’s $2,200 per year! But let me ask you – if I were to tell you that by doing these things it could potenally lead to creating millions of dollars and complete lifestyle freedom, wouldn’t you do it? That’s roughly $183 to $200 per month that you should be budgeting for attending events. If you don’t think attending these events are necessary then it’s going to be very difficult for you to create true, long-term success in this profession.

Then comes your business tools. Your web system is $50/month. That’s really the only vital business tool you can’t live without. There are things like the magazines/DVD’s which are helpful. Lightmail can be a useful tool if you’re doing some marketing. But I truly believe you can be successful with just the web system alone.

Add all that stuff up and you’re looking at budgeting only about $250 to $300 per month to grow yourself and your business. If you’re a Senior Manager that means you only have to enroll 3 SM’s per month to cover your costs. If you’re an RM only 2 SM’s. If you’re a VP it’s 1.5. If you’re an SVP it’s only 1.

I’m not even talking about all the other sources of income (web system residuals, wireless residuals, downline bonus overrides, etc).

The problem is that people take the first bonuses they make and they go out and spend it on a night out. Or they pay their credit card bill with it. Now, I know what some are thinking, “But Ben, I thought this business was supposed to help me with those bills.” And you’re right, but not yet! You first need to lay a solid foundation in your business. You need to grow yourself and your business to a point of leverage – where you’re creating income without you having to be touching your business.

Imagine starting a franchise for $100,000. Then imagine you take the first $1,000 you make and instead of putting back towards your business expenses (rent, supplies, employees, overhead, etc) you just went out and spent it on new clothes. You consider that to be ridiculous don’t you? Well, our business shouldn’t be any different.

Don’t live off the income you make from the business until you’ve reached a point where your Lightyear income is growing exponentially. Put all of your money back into your business until you’ve created an income that covers all of your business expenses. Then once you reach that level start putting the excess money into a “retire your job” savings account. That means, any excess income you make above your business expenses should go into a savings account that you’re creating to help you fire you job! I recommend people have at least 6 months of income needed to support your lifestyle set aside before walking away from their job. I also recommend having ZERO consumer debt (no car or CC payments) before leaving your job.

The biggest mistake people make is thinking that just because they’re matched their job income that now it’s time to leave their job. No! You have to be smart with your money. You can’t build an MLM business needing to make money. You have to build to empower others and it’s very difficult to think like that when you’re building out of desperation.

Yes, I know there are going to be serious situations where people need to help pay their bills with the money they’re making. I understand that Lightyear is an amazing vehicle that help people do just that. And I understand exceptions will need to be made and I’m fine with that. But please understand this concept and try your best to put yourself in a situation where you can create the habits I mentioned above.

ONE LAST TIP: Create a business checking account (most credit unions will give you FREE checking). When you keep your Lightyear income separate from your personal income it’s a lot easier to manage your money and make sure you are spending your Lightyear income on business expenses first. It’s also very smart to keep them separate for tax purposes.

How to Keep Your Momentum in MLM

People ask me all the time, Ben, how do you keep the momentum in your business when you’re just starting out? This is a great question and I can completely understand where it comes from. In the beginning stages of your business you are the only person working your business. You don’t have leverage yet (you don’t have people working independently of you). Sometimes even with a team of 15 or 20 reps you might not have any leverage yet. However, the key to sustaining personal momentum is to consistently be adding new prospects to your funnel.

Your goal should be to make contact with at least 5 new people per day. Whether it’s people you know or don’t know doesn’t matter. The focus needs to be exposing your business to 5 new people per day. 5 people per day, 5 days a week = 25 exposure per week. 25 exposures per week = 100 exposures per month. At a 5% success ratio you’d be personally sponsoring 5 reps per month!

Now, many people might say, “But Ben, I can’t sponsor more than 1 rep per month, how can I possibly do 5?” The answer is simple: increase your exposures. More exposures = more personally sponsored reps. If you want to keep momentum going consistently though you must keep this process up, consistently! Talking to 10 reps one week and then 0 the next week won’t cut it.

You want to be making contact with 5 new people per day, getting them to the presentations and following up!
Looking for a good closing technique? Get them to the LIVE webinars! They work! I have an 80% close ratio with my leads when I get them through this process:

1. Initial contact by phone
2. Direct them to a sizzle site (You can send them to whatever site your upline is teaching you) and book them into the next LIVE webinar.
3. Follow-up directly after they’ve looked at the information.
4. If they want to join I plug them in, if they have questions I get them answered, and if they don’t want to join I find out if they would like to try your product and perhaps become a customer down the road.

That’s it! Try it and you’ll see just how simple it is. Don’t worry about saying the right things, just focusing on getting people exposed to your company presentations will do the trick!

Finding Your Pain

Why the “Internet Gurus” Have to Keep Changing Companies

It’s always hilarious to me to see these self proclaimed “internet gurus” having to jump from company to company.  They bash MLM as if the traditional methods of MLM don’t work simply because they didn’t have the desire to put the effort and work in to build an MLM organization.  But then their reality sets in.  After they hype of their latest deal soon the market they’re advertising to starts to dry up.  They see the checks starting to slip so they are off to the next deal.  Every time it’s the same pitch:  “We have the secret to building a huge downline in MLM.”

Does anyone ever stop to ask these people a simple question of “Hey, if your methods are so good, why aren’t you sticking and staying in one opportunity and building a “huge” downline?”

Seems like a pretty simple question to me!

God help those Network Marketers that listen to the gurus.  My advice is to listen to the people that are building in your company and making the money that you want to make!


Working more than 1 MLM program?

As someone who has been in MLM since 1997 and have had a degree of success I get hit literally daily with offers from people in other MLM companies to “add their deal to my portfolio.”  Obviously my response is no thank you.  But why do I say that?  Maybe they have a great concept for an opportunity.  Maybe the product is a great one.  Maybe their comp plan is amazing.  The reason I don’t get involved is because I’ve always believed in the saying, “You can’t right two horses with one ass.”

Building a solid, long term MLM business requires dedication, focus and all out massive action.  Joining multiple MLM opportunities only slows down the process to success.  I have not seen one person in Network Marketing create a multiple six figure income while working more than 1 MLM company at a time.  I’m not saying you can’t buy products from multiple companies.  Shoot, even I do that.  What I’m talking about is physically building more than one.
I mean think about it.  How can you be a leader and create followers that believe in your word when you’re standing in front of your Lightyear presentations telling them that Lightyear is the best vehicle of all and then go home and post facebook messages about the latest juice deal on the market you’re in?  By you doing more than 1 MLM program you are undermining your ability to create momentum.

My advice is to focus on one thing and one thing only.  Unfortunately this is easier said than done.  Typically the people who lack a true desire to be successful find it easy to change companies.  They are constantly looking to the companies to provide the reason to build, rather than looking within themselves.  They need a gimmick or a promotion or worse, they need the feeling of starting in a new deal to rekindle their passion.  Here’s the secret folks:  the passion of starting a new MLM deal wears off when the realities of building a real business in MLM sets in.  If you aren’t passionate about you and where you are going there isn’t a company in the world that’s going to change that!

Here’s a test for you:  How many MLM opportunities have you been a part of in the last 3 years.  If the  answer is more than 3 then you have a serious problem.  It’s likely that you lack the internal drive and motivation it takes to make it in this business.  Sure, you could have been a part of some really bad opportunities.  But realistically I’d bet that most of the companies you were with are still in business and most likely all of them have people who are successful.  So what’s the “X” factor?  It’s you!  You’ve been looking to the MLM company to give you the reason to keep pushing through rather than looking within.
You’ve got to find your pain folks!  You’ve got to find something that’s going to push you to build your MLM business even when you don’t want to.  And trust me, there will be times when you don’t want to.  But what makes someone successful long term from someone who fails short term is whether or not they are able to build in those tough times!

Stop looking left and right at other opportunities and run with the gift of Lightyear Wireless you’ve been given!

Having Trouble Getting Customers? Try this…

If you are out there having difficulty gathering customers for your Lightyear business I have a suggestion for you…

Stop trying to sell people cell phone service! They already have it and it’s VERY hard to sell someone something they already have.

Instead, try showing people a way they can get their service for FREE and how they can get PAID to teach others how to do that too!

Here is how your conversations should look with the people you know…

When talking about the business opportunity…

“Joe, hey I just came across something that’s going to allow me to make additional income and it makes a lot of sense.  Does the idea of earning free cell phone service and getting paid to help others do that too interest you?  If so, take a look at this website:”

When talking to someone about the service…

“Hey uncle Bob, give me a call or shoot me an email when your cell phone contract is up.  I have a way for you to earn FREE wireless service for the rest of your life!”

You should NOT be going out trying to sell people wireless service.  That will lead to nothing but frustration and disappointment.  Instead, focus on talking to people every day and finding out if they are someone you want to be in business with.  If they are, get them to the website and follow up.  If they aren’t someone you’d want to work with, find out when their contract is up and tell them you have a way to get them FREE wireless service and that you’ll contact them when their contract is up.

It’s that simple.

Hope that helps!